The QR invoice, soon a reality in Switzerland

Paying your bills thanks to a QR code: Switzerland is preparing for it.
Initially planned for January 2019, the issuance of invoices with QR code will be effective in mid-2020.
As a bill editor software, Fiduly accompanies you today in this new step of digitizing of your payment methods.

1- A QR invoice, what is it?

A single bill consisting of a QR code that will replace the 7 payment slips now in force in Switzerland (the famous orange and red bulletins of banks and Post Finance).

The QR code will contain all the information to establish a payment order: identity of the issuer of the invoice and the payer, amount, due date, etc.
This QR code, which will have a small white cross in the middle, can be printed on a new white payment slip or on any medium. It will then be sufficient to scan it to proceed with the payment.

2- What’s the point?

With the QR invoice, the payment becomes simpler and faster.

Scanning the QR code on a smartphone with a click will be enough to carry out your payments. No more risk of error by filling in the 27 digit reference number of the payment slip. The BVR membership number (which starts with 01) will disappear. The 21-digit IBAN account will be the unique reference.

The QR invoice will also be more economical.
According to a study by Deloitte, a total savings of CHF 271.9 million per year are anticipated thanks to the QR invoice, of which 197 million for private companies, 8.6 million for the public sector and 65.1 million for institutions. financial.

3- Is it safe?

The QR code remains associated with a unique 21-digit IBAN.

If the information required for payment is entered in the QR code, it is also printed on the ballot, which can be used without a technical device. The numbered part can also be presented at a counter

In addition, financial transactions at the counter will always be possible.

4-Why Switzerland passes to the QR invoice?

By adopting the QR invoice, Switzerland is aligning itself with the new international standard ISO 20022, already in force in the European Union, in Australia in Japan.
It also meets the requirements for the revision of the Anti Money Laundering Act Ordinance.


5- When will I be able to pay with a QR invoice?

The QR invoice was due to come into effect in January 2019. But a postponement was decided by PaymentStandards.CH, the official body of the Swiss financial center for the standardization and harmonization of payments, to adapt the system to the current needs of the market.

A consultation procedure was completed in November 2018. The new implementation guidelines are to be read here:

PaymentStandrads.CH now plans entry into force on 30.06.2020.

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